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To ensure our Be Bold emails get to your inbox and don’t get filtered, you can whitelist us in your email system. Follow THIS LINK to get directions on how to do this for most email providers, iOS and Android devices.

It is also recommended to use a private email address and avoid using emails from your work, school, church, or other organizations as they often times have filters that block emails from our system.

If you continue to have issues receiving our emails after whitelisting us, check the SPAM settings for your email. Some providers have very aggressive filtering and if there are any filters enabled they may block what they consider SPAM before it gets to your mailbox.

You will gain access to the content for this program monthly. When you sign up, you’ll get access to all content for the month you sign up in, and then you’ll keep that access and add future months as you go. Within a year we will cover all topics so just join us wherever we are and within the year you will get everything you need.

While your membership is active, access to the membership site and your memberships content is available to download.

If you are not able to see the videos on our site, please check your browser for any enabled filters or pop up blockers as these can prevent the content from loading. If you continue to have issues loading video content, check your internet provider settings, many providers will have some level of filters enabled which can affect the content loading.

You can be coached on the live coaching call by signing up in advance. The link to sign up is on the Call Schedule page and all scheduled call dates are listed there.

You can also get coached by raising your hand on the weekly Open Coaching Call or on a VIP or Elite coaching call once you hit 6 months (VIP) and 12 months (Elite) in the program. These calls do not require that you sign up in advance. You can also bring questions to Office Hours.

Finally, you can submit a question on the Ask Jody page of the membership site and get anonymous help (even Jody cannot see who submits the question) anytime from Jody in writing.

All our calls are recorded and the replays are posted to the content page once they are processed, usually within 24 hours.

The URL for the private feed is:

You can find app specific directions to subscribe to the Be Bold private podcast feed at THIS LINK. Not all podcast apps support subscription to a private feed but you can find the list of recommended apps for both Apple and Android devices using the above link.

While your membership is active, that content to which you have access is available to download. To download the video replays there is a download icon in the upper right hand corner of the replay. If you want to download the video replays you may need to install a free add-on to your browser.

We recommend using chrome as your browser to download.

Here is the link for the chrome add-on with a short video on how to install and activate the add-on:

Once added, restart your browser and when you navigate to our call replays, click on the video to download, you will see a blue icon in the upper right hand corner of the video replay with different options of video resolution to download.

Depending on the amount of questions coming in, it will normally be answered in 2 – 4 days.

You can change your plan from a monthly plan to an annual plan or vice versa. You can switch to an annual plan from a monthly plan at anytime, your next scheduled renewal date will renew at the annual rate.

To switch from an annual plan to a monthly plan your next scheduled renewal date will renew at the monthly plan rate. When switching from an annual plan to a monthly plan, we do not pro-rate any unused months that may remain in your current annual term. The plan will change at your next scheduled renewal date when the current annual term ends.

To switch plans contact [email protected].

Every month (or year if you signed up on an annual plan) you will be automatically charged until you cancel your membership. You can stay as long or as brief (minimum one month) as you want but we recommend at least a year to see the best results in your life. If you are on an annual plan, you will receive an email reminder a few days before your next payment is charged.

We only require 24 hour notice. You can cancel by submitting the CANCELLATION REQUEST FORM. We will cancel as soon as we can but it can take up to 24 hours. If you are scheduled to be charged again within 24 hours then you should expect to be charged for that month but not for future months. We do not issue refunds or pro-rate for any reason. Please note if you cancel and then choose to return, you will be required to return at whatever the rate is at the time you choose to return. Also, to be eligible for VIP and Elite benefits you must be enrolled continuously for the 6 months/ 12 month time frame.

If you have any other questions not covered here. You can email support at [email protected].